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Police: Madison inmate plotted to kill bailiff

RICHMOND — Police say a jail inmate plotted to kill the Madison County bailiff who escorted him to court Wednesday, but his plan was thwarted by a gun malfunction.

Sgt. Scotty Anderson of the Madison County Sheriff's Department said Steven Chaney took Bailiff Daniel Futia's gun about noon while the deputy unlocked the van to escort Chaney and three other inmates back to the Madison County jail after their hearings in district court. Chaney tried to shoot Futia twice, but the Glock didn't fire, Anderson said.

Officers who heard a commotion from inside the courthouse on Main Street apprehended the green-jumpsuit-clad Chaney as he tried to run off, Anderson said.

Chaney, 20, has been charged with disarming a police officer, second-degree escape and first-degree wanton endangerment.

"Everything played out in our favor yesterday," Anderson said.

Chaney was in district court Wednesday to address charges that he robbed a Shell gas station in Waco. During court proceedings, Chaney told Futia that he had diarrhea and needed to be taken to the bathroom twice. Anderson said Chaney used his two bathroom breaks to evaluate where Futia kept his gun on his holster.

When Futia took the inmates outside, Chaney "saw an opportunity and took advantage of that bailiff," Anderson said.

Futia took the three other inmates to the other side of the van when he realized that Chaney had his gun. The deputy also drew his Taser before Chaney ran off.

It is typical for a bailiff to have four inmates in his or her care, Anderson said. "That's not a huge number," he said.

Richmond Police are handling the investigation. Chief Larry Brock said he wasn't sure whether the inmates were handcuffed, but Chaney did have on leg irons. Madison County jail inmates who appeared Thursday in circuit court wore handcuffs.

Chaney was returned to the Madison County jail. He cannot be released on bond because he violated his parole.