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Brainpower rewarded with scholarships

College scholarships were awarded to several Fayette County Public Schools students Saturday at The Superintendent's Cup, an academic challenge sponsored by One Community, One Voice and the school district.

Competition is divided into two categories: Primary for grades 1 through 3, and Intermediate for grades 4 and 5.

The winners were:

Primary team winners

First place: Athens Chilesburg Elementary Team B: Christina Duvall, Justin Duvall, Austin Booth, Rachel Burns and Taylor Lenox. They receive four-year scholarships to Kentucky State University.

Second place: Ashland Elementary Team D: Caitlin Southworth, Diamond Jores-Mitchell, Donald Andrews, Daniel Brewer, Hannah Shapiro and Max Stacy.

Third place: Meadowthorpe Elementary Team A: Helen Pang, Zachary Wang, Kelly Chen, Gus Carlson and Sophie Berger.

Intermediate team winners

First place: Dixie Elementary Team E: Taegen McCarty, Halleigh Shackelford, Anthony Tamasi, Amelia Rogers, Dara Bockrath and Kaitlyn Kelley. Winners receive four-year scholarships to Morehead State University.

Second place: Dixie Team C: Eric Caudill, Molly Felty, Anna McMahan, Bradley McBrayer and Olivia Jennings.

Third place: Glendover Team A: Hannah Noff, Sibley Miller, Katie Kilcoyne, Ben Grossman and Oscar Medrano.


Fifth-grade math/science scholarship winners: Kayla Carter — Lansdowne; Katie Cox — SCAPA; Saikeerthi Naidu — Rosa Parks; Noah Welch — Athens Chilesburg Elementary; Tiffany Rossi — Mary Todd; and Mia Alexander — Dixie. They receive four-year University of Kentucky scholarships.


Fourth-grade writing scholarship winners: Maggie Cook-Allen — Garden Springs; Lindsey Ford — Yates; Dasia Woods — Julius Marks; Cassidy Kemplin — Harrison; Matthew Castle — Cassidy; and Corrie Hunter — Sandersville. They receive four-year Eastern Kentucky University scholarships.

Fifth-grade writing scholarship winners: Harley Dublow — Julius Marks; Tyven McWhorter — Breckinridge; Jessica Vaccaro — Garden Springs; Eric Caudill — Dixie; Keionna Bailey — Mary Todd; and Mitchell Brown — Veterans Park. They receive four-year Georgetown College scholarships.


One-year Bluegrass Community and Technical College scholarship winners: Kathleen (Katie) Kilcoyne — Glendover; and McKenna Etherton — Lansdowne.