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Jessamine student has MRSA

The Jessamine County school district has learned of another confirmed case of drug-resistant staph, but the student has been cleared to return to classes.

In a letter dated Tuesday, Superintendent Lu Young wrote that an East Jessamine High School student was diagnosed as a confirmed case of MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

"The EJHS student was absent from school and under treatment while awaiting lab results and has since been cleared by a physician to return to school," Young wrote.

Ryan Robinson, 17, a junior at West Jessamine High, died of a MRSA infection on March 10.

As a preventive measure, East Jessamine High was cleaned, said Assistant Superintendent Owens Saylor.

"Please be aware that the EJHS student was not in the EJHS building in the interim period between the cleaning and the student's clearance to return to school," Young wrote in her letter.