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Danville superintendent to retire June 30

Danville Independent Schools Superintendent Bob Rowland will retire June 30.

Rowland, 62, made the announcement at Monday night's school board meeting.

In an interview Tuesday, Rowland said he and his wife, Patti, want to take care of aging parents and do some things "before we're too old and decrepit to do it."

Rowland said he's already been invited on a fishing trip to Canada and an elk hunt.

The Vietnam War veteran has been superintendent of the 1,785-student district since 1998. Before that, he was principal of Danville High School for 10 years.

During that time, Rowland was named principal of the year once by the Kentucky Department of Education and twice by the Kentucky Association of Secondary School Principals.

"I think what I feel the best about is that we've made a real turn among educators to work for and strive for every child that comes through the door," Rowland said.

He acknowledged that his retirement and the economic downturn might spark discussion of merging the Danville schools with the larger Boyle County Public schools, also based in Danville.

But Rowland said there are good reasons for the Danville schools to stay as they are.

By remaining separate and distinct districts, there are more academic and athletic opportunities for students in the whole community, he said.