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Lost girl found near creek in Jackson Co.

A 4-year-old girl who wandered away from home in a rugged, wooded area of Jackson County on Thursday night was found by search crews early Friday, authorities said.

Josephine Halter, the daughter of Alba and Abigail Halter, was found about 6 a.m., clinging to the limb of a tree on a creek bank about 2 miles from her home, authorities said.

She had lost her shoes, but other than cold feet and a few scratches, she was unhurt, Jackson County authorities said. The child was taken to a Berea hospital for examination. She was back at home resting by late Friday morning.

According to authorities, about 8 p.m. Josephine apparently wandered away from her home in the Morill-Kerby Knob Road area of Jackson County while her parents were out for a walk.

The area is studded with woods, steep cliffs and drop-offs.

Police were alerted, and an intense search was conducted through Friday night by members of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department, state police, area fire departments and citizen volunteers. Teams used a helicopter, search dogs and infrared heat detectors, officials said.