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1 dead, 1 injured as man sets Leslie County house afire

A Tennessee man, armed with a handgun and two containers of gasoline, set a woman and a home on fire in Leslie County on Thursday morning, according to state police.

The man, who went inside the home in Helton to set it on fire, was found dead in the residence after the fire was extinguished. The woman, Patricia Brock, 36, of Helton, was airlifted to a Tennessee hospital, then was transferred to a burn center in Augusta, Ga. The dead man, Robert F. Egan, 68, of New Tazewell, Tenn., earlier had gone to the home, where he talked outside with Brock. Egan left, then returned with the gun and gasoline, went inside the home and poured gasoline on Melvin Helton, who lived there, and Brock and ordered them into a bedroom at gunpoint, police said. Brock and Helton escaped the home, but Egan caught Brock and set her on fire outside the residence, police said.