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Former Ky. man who wears skirts files suit in New Orleans

A skirt-wearing man who settled a discrimination suit against Georgetown College in 2005 is now making headlines in New Orleans, where he has filed a civil-rights lawsuit against the local police department.

Jeremy Kerr, 37, alleges in a suit filed in U.S. District Court last month that a police officer threatened to arrest him for wearing a black pinstripe skirt to New Orleans Municipal Court last year, The Times-Picayune reported Tuesday.

Kerr told the newspaper in an interview that the officer followed him out of the courtroom and grabbed him by the shoulder, demanding that he explain why he was dressed in women's clothing. He was in court that day to answer to a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace — a charge that was later dropped.

Kerr is asking for a declaratory judgment saying that the police department violated his rights, and he wants the judge to prohibit the police from restricting "access to public facilities ... based on gender stereotyping," the newspaper reported.

Kerr, a former instructor at Georgetown College, alleged in a 2005 suit that he was discriminated against when the college chose not to rehire him to teach after rumors circulated that he had been seen wearing women's clothing. The suit was later settled, but terms were not disclosed. The college initially denied the claims.

In May 2004, Kerr was the subject of a Herald-Leader article because he was denied service at Tolly-Ho and Pazzo's Pizza Pub while wearing a miniskirt and lace-up corset.

Kerr said in interviews that he is a straight man who wears skirts to demonstrate the "overall reduction of femininity in society."