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Woman says body found in creek could be missing husband

Eight cadaver dogs and 26 people searched Monday for tissue and other clues that might help identify a badly decomposed body found in Town Branch Creek on Saturday.

As of about 3:30 p.m., all that had been found was a sock and a coat alongside the creek.

Fayette County Coroner Gary Ginn said he doubted that the sock was related to the case, because the shoes were still on the body.

The remains were found in the creek on a remote portion of Donamire Farm on Old Frankfort Pike Saturday by a farm security guard.

An autopsy has been scheduled for Tuesday, but Ginn said it would be helpful to find more tissue.

Ginn said about a mile of the creek had been searched Saturday, and that the dogs had hit along several areas.

But the water had been made murky by heavy rains early Monday that hampered search efforts. And with more rain in the forecast for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Ginn said it could be early Saturday before the water is clear enough to continue the search.

"It's going to be really difficult even to try to find things," he said.

If further investigation fails to turn up more tissue, Ginn said searchers could come back later in the summer, when the water level is much lower.

He encouraged property owners along Town Branch Creek to keep an eye out for anything that might be related to the case.

"If you find something, we need to be notified," he said.

One possible person of interest in the case is Darryl Dotson, 38, who lives near the creek, albeit some distance from where the body was found.

Dotson's wife, Kim, reported him missing in March.

Kim Dotson said in an interview Monday evening that she has a feeling that the body might be that of her husband.

"I've thought for a while now that he was gone," she said.

She said she has described the coat her husband was wearing when he went missing, and if the one found matches the description, authorities will bring it for her to look at.

Darryl Dotson had worked for nearly five years as an investment officer at Farmers National Bank in Danville, but he resigned late last year and started a Web site.

"He was struggling with that," said Kim Dotson, a social worker. "Since Christmas he was doing a lot better."

She said her husband had adamantly denied thinking about harming himself, and he had been out enjoying the spring weather the last few times she talked to him.

Kim Dotson said she had been out of town on business during the time that Darryl Dotson went missing. She said she worried afterward that he might have had a stroke or some other medical crisis.

"The only thing he kept saying was things felt 'off.' 'People seem off. ... It just seems off when I'm talking to people,'" she recalled him saying on the telephone.

She also wonders whether someone hurt him.

She said that on March 7, after three days without talking to her husband, a young man answered his cell phone and claimed to have found it on the soccer field at Masterson Station Park. She said she pleaded with the man to turn it in and talk to police, but he never did.

Kim Dotson said finding her husband's body would bring a measure of closure, but the new "nightmare" would be questions about how he died.

She said she hopes anyone with information will come forward and share it with police.

"He was my baby," she said. "My best friend."