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Resourceful restoration: Cane Run project

Sixty students from the University of Kentucky Robinson Scholars' program got a first-hand look at a north Lexington water quality-improvement project Monday.

The students, who represent 29 Eastern Kentucky counties, took a look at the Cane Run project, which is intended to restore a creek that feeds into Royal Spring in Scott County. The spring is Georgetown's main source of drinking water.

At one point, they visited UK's Maine Chance Farm, where horses used to drink from the stream and had grazed the banks down to bare dirt.

Parts of the stream received so much silt and pollution that it was on the state's list of impaired streams.

Now a fence has been built to keep the horses away, and many trees have been planted to hold the soil and slow runoff.

When the $1.8 million restoration was announced in 2007, officials said they hoped the project could be used to teach students and others about stream chemistry and watershed management.