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City to inspect sewers this week

Contractors for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government's Division of Water Quality will conduct sanitary sewer inspections and cleaning Monday through Friday.

A team of technicians will place cleaning and video inspection equipment into sanitary-sewer manholes either in the roadways or open spaces. Signs will specify the areas of inspections.

Notification will be made at least three days before the work occurs and will include directions to mitigate pressurized water or sewer gas (blow-back) from entering households or businesses via the plumbing system. It is not normal for blow-back to occur in structures.

If water or sewer gas enters the structure, contact the company performing the work. Neighborhood signs should provide the phone contact, or call LexCall at 3-1-1 or (859) 425-2255 for information. The technicians will record defects for further analysis and repair as required.

Affected neighborhoods will include Beaumont Park, Boone Creek, Cardinal Valley, Carriage Lane, Deerfield, Eastlake, Garden Springs, Gardenside, Golf View Estates, Harrods Park Townhouse, Hartland Homeowners, Hill N Dale, Holiday Hills, Hunting Hills, North Elizabeth Street, Pasadena Penmoken Park, Picadome, Pine Meadow, Seven Parks, Skycrest, Southland Park, Squire Oak, and Wabash-Goodrich-Penmoken-Lackawanna.

Contractors also will visually inspect manholes this week. The manhole covers, either in roadways or open spaces, will be removed, and specialized closed-circuit television equipment will inspect the condition of the manholes and adjacent sanitary sewer collection lines for defects.

Residents will be required to provide access to their property if a manhole is on it.

Neighborhoods include, in addition to those already mentioned, Andover Forest, Andover Hills, Autumn Ridge, Castlegate, Chippendale Square, East Cooper Drive, Eastwood Maintenance, Ellerslie at Delong, Fairway, Fairway at Lakeside, Gainesway, Hartland Estates, Huntington Woods, Idle Hour Drive, Idle Hour Neighborhood, Lake Area Neighborhood, Lake Crossing, Lakeview Islands, Lakewood, Liberty Area, Rosemill, South Broadway Park, Seven Parks, Shriners, Southeastern Hills, Southland Park, Squire Oak, The Colony, The Vineyard, The Woods Street Maintenance Association, and West Gardenside.

Finally, contractors will conduct smoke testing, inspections and repairs of sanitary sewers Monday through Friday.

During this process, technicians will create and inject a non-toxic white smoke into sanitary sewer system manholes. In a system that's working properly, the smoke harmlessly exits a home or business via the vent pipes on the roof.

If a sewer pipe is cracked or broken, smoke will be seen coming from a crack in the ground. If there's an improper connection, the smoke will appear from building roof drains or gutters, sump pumps, yard drains or other cross-connections.

Residents in the test area are urged not to call 911 if they see smoke coming from the vent pipes of a nearby building during the testing period. In those areas, calls about smoke coming from vent pipes should be directed to the non-emergency number at the fire department, (859) 231-5600.

All homes in the testing area will be notified by a door-hanger card a day or two before the testing. Although the smoke is non-toxic, people with heart problems, emphysema or other breathing difficulties, anyone with severely limited mobility, sleeping shift workers or those who keep pets locked in a basement should take special precautions during the testing days.

Homeowners with basement drains are encouraged to make sure that their drains have water in the trap device so that the smoke does enter the basement. This can be done by pouring a gallon of water into the drain.

Any property that is identified as having an improper sanitary-sewer connection will be notified by the Division of Water Quality. In most cases, defects or improper connections on private property are the responsibility of the property owner to repair.

Affected neighborhoods are Castlegate, Lansdowne, Lansdowne Merrick, Merry Wives of Greenbriar, Shadeland Community and Zandale.