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Somerset man burned in apparent meth-lab explosion

A Somerset man was badly burned yesterday in the apparent explosion of a methamphetamine lab, police said.

Bucky Allen Boula, 45, was blown from the bathroom of his apartment into an adjoining room in the blast, according to a news release from the Somerset Police Department.

Boula suffered severe burns to his face, hands and arms and was taken to University of Kentucky Hospital for treatment.

The explosion happened shortly after 3 a.m. Wednesday. Neighbors said Boula had just returned to his apartment when they heard an explosion, police said.

The blast knocked out windows and blew window frames from the building, police said.

Police found several homemade, one-step labs used to produce meth in the apartment, as well as chemicals used in making the drug.

Police suspect that several people were involved in the operation to make meth and plan to present evidence to a grand jury, according to a news release.