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Mayor introduces new recycling containers for downtown

Recycling downtown will become easier during the next two months as 120 recycling and waste containers are placed throughout the central city.

Mayor Jim Newberry announced the recycling initiative at a news conference Tuesday morning.

Improving the environment is a top priority of his administration, Newberry said. The city's efforts to recycle more and additional types of waste means less material going to the landfill, and more revenue from recycled items that can be sold, Newberry said.

Cheryl Taylor, commissioner of the Department of Environmental Quality, said this is another step toward the city's long-term goal of zero waste. Other steps the city is taking include placing containers on city property at all public events that involve more than 300 people.

New equipment is being purchased for the recycling center on Thompson Road that will triple the amount of material that can be processed.

And a pilot program to recycle food has been initiated with Seedleaf, a local, non-profit gardening group.