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McCain acknowledges GOP can't stop health care plan

WASHINGTON — Sen. John McCain, President Barack Obama's Republican rival for president last year, said Sunday it's unlikely the GOP can now stop the Senate Democratic health care bill.

Asked if anything can be done to derail the Democrats, McCain told "Fox News Sunday," "Probably not. But what we can do is continue winning the battle of American public opinion."

Republicans have been stressing recent polls showing pluralities of Americans are wary of the Democratic plan. But since Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson said Saturday he plans to go along with the 57 other Democrats and two independents who plan to back the bill, it's almost assured of passage later this week.

But, vowed McCain, "We'll fight the good fight. We will fight until the last vote. We owe that to our constituents, because we can't -- we must do everything. We must look back and say, 'We did everything we can to prevent this terrible mistake from taking place.' "