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Help us vet the Senate's health care proposal

The Senate health care bill is lengthy, more than 4,000 pages, and the so-called manager's amendment is another 383 pages. That's a lot to read and digest. So here's an opportunity to help us. Take a look through the pages of the bill and let us know what strikes you as interesting or newsworthy.

Here're links to both documents. We're sorry we can't provide links to the bill as amended; that's not available yet as a single document and may not be for a week.

Just post a comment with your observations, citing the specific pages and paragraphs that prompted them. Please don't use this as a place to rant about health care, pro or con. We're looking for concrete examples from the bill that deserve further exploration and explanation. We'll pursue the most specific.

Thanks for your help.

The original Senate bill

Harry Reid's manager's amendment