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Law firm contacts lottery, claims to represent Powerball winner

GEORGETOWN — A Kentucky Lottery official announced Tuesday a law firm representing the potential winner or winners of a $128.6 million Powerball jackpot has contacted the lottery.

"We have not physically seen this ticket," said Chip Polston, vice president of communications for the Kentucky Lottery. "The ticket has not been validated."

The ticket was bought at ProTravel Marathon on Success Drive in Georgetown.

Polston said the attorneys did not give lottery officials any information about the winner. He said the attorneys also asked that the name and location of the law firm not be made public.

But Polston said the date and time of purchase that the law firm gave him are consistent with the date and time that will appear on the winning ticket.

Polston said it doesn't appear that the winners are in a hurry to visit the Louisville headquarters and claim the prize. The ticket must be validated at the Kentucky Lottery headquarters within six months of the drawing.

"You really have to give them credit for keeping a level head," Polston said.

Generally, he said, people jump into their cars and drive to Louisville as quickly as possible to claim the prize. But winning so much money is an "incredibly life-changing situation" that requires a lot of planning, Polston said.

The cash option for the winning ticket is $63.4 million.

The jackpot is the largest in Kentucky Lottery history. Before Sunday, the largest winning jackpot in Kentucky was an $89.3 million jackpot awarded in January 1996.

The store owner, Jack Zakir, said a man called him about the winning ticket and said he would see him soon. Zakir doesn't know who won the money, but he said it seems to be someone who is familiar with him and his business.

"I wish I could see their face," Zakir said.