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Georgetown couple winners of $128 million lottery ticket

LOUISVILLE — There were many sleepless nights after Rob and Tuesday Anderson realized they'd won the largest Powerball jackpot in Kentucky history.

Rob Anderson said he drank a few beers to calm his nerves while the $128.6 million ticket, which he bought Christmas Eve at a Pro Travel Marathon in Georgetown, was kept in a safe.

"We've thrown up a couple of times," said Rob Anderson, 39. "We've been able to eat little to nothing."

The couple acquired the ticket by way of a fluke.

Tuesday Anderson sent her husband to Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve for gifts, Rob Anderson said. On his way to the store, he stopped at the Pro Travel Marathon on Success Drive for lottery tickets to give as stocking stuffers.

Rob Anderson said he needed three $1 Powerball tickets, but the clerk mistakenly printed one ticket with three lines of numbers for $3. Anderson decided to keep that ticket and get three more.

Later that day, he put the $3 ticket on his nightstand and forgot about it.

"I always pick my own numbers based on important dates, and I buy a $1 Powerball ticket and a $1 Win for Life ticket every Wednesday and Saturday," he said.

Anderson said he's been playing for at least 12 years.

The drawing was Saturday, Dec. 26, and the next morning Anderson checked the winning numbers on television and knew they weren't any of the ones he usually picked. But then he remembered the $3 ticket on the nightstand.

Recalling his thoughts and reaction as he checked the numbers, Anderson said, "Something wasn't right."

"We didn't hit," Anderson said Wednesday. "That's not us."

The couple called Tuesday Anderson's father, and he checked the numbers in the newspaper.

They'd won.

The two have not returned to work since.

The Andersons have been together about 13 years. They met at Johnson Controls Inc. in Scott County, where they still work. The Milwaukee-based auto supplier has a handful of plants in Kentucky.

Asked whether they planned to return to work, Rob Anderson said they were weighing their options.

They have not decided whether to take a lump-sum payment of $63 million or receive annual installments. But they have 60 days to make that decision. The $3 Quick Pick ticket was verified at the Kentucky Lottery headquarters in Louisville on Wednesday afternoon.

Rob Anderson kissed his wife just before stepping forward to talk to a dozen reporters who gathered at the headquarters for a news conference.

The couple had wanted to remain anonymous but figured the media probably would learn their identities, Rob Anderson said.

They carefully considered what questions to answer Wednesday about their future and ignored those about whether they have children.

The Andersons declined to say whether they will remain in Georgetown. Rob Anderson, wearing a blue shirt, said they bleed University of Kentucky blue.

"We don't live flamboyant lifestyles," Rob Anderson said. "That's not us."

They have discussed taking a trip to Hawaii and buying a new car.

Rob Anderson, who does not have a college degree, said they also have considered going back to school. He said he would consider majoring in finance.

"We just want to stay grounded and don't forget where we came from," Tuesday Anderson said.

The couple and several of their relatives left the lottery headquarters in a white Ford Excursion limousine.