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Parents weigh in on Fayette County school redistricting

Parents raised questions about the Fayette County Public Schools' new redistricting proposal Thursday night, but there was little in the way of heavy criticism.

Some parents said during a forum at Picadome Elementary School that proposed new attendance zones would continue to leave their children facing long bus rides in heavy traffic.

Superintendent Stu Silberman replied that the district would consider the points raised, but that some people probably will be disappointed in the end.

"There is no way to please everybody in this situation," he said. "We wish we could."

Thursday night's forum was the first chance for parents to directly comment on the redistricting proposal, which wouldn't take effect until the 2011-12 school year. It is intended to reduce overcrowding at several schools.

On the south side of Lexington, the district plans to build a new elementary school on Keithshire Way. That will mean changing existing attendance zones for nearby Picadome, as well as Stonewall and Garden Springs schools.

Some Picadome parents, whose children would continue to attend that school under the rezoning plan, said they'd like to see adjustments to let their youngsters attend the new Keithshire school or Stonewall, both of which are closer.

For example, Picadome parent Scott SirLouis, speaking for the Willow Oak neighborhood, said his home is four miles from Picadome "as the crow flies, " while the new Keithshire school would be only 1.2 miles away.

Parents from some other neighborhoods made similar arguments.

Silberman said the district would "take a serious look" at parents' comments. But he said there won't be enough room at Stonewall and Keithshire to accommodate everybody in the area who wants to be closer to school.

More forums on the redistricting will be Monday at Stonewall Elementary, at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.