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Lexington council votes to fire police officer

The Urban County Council voted Monday night to fire a Lexington police officer.

The council found Officer Stephanni Roadarmel guilty of the charges of failing to activate her emergency lights and sirens while responding to priority calls, failing to notify a dispatcher of changes in her location and status and conducting herself in a way that "does not reflect favorably" on the Division of Police.

Roadarmel had served on the force for about 10 years.

Roadarmel disputed the charges against her, testifying during a hearing that lasted more than six hours. She and her attorney told the council that they think she was targeted because she was a woman on a predominantly male force.

"I liked where I worked," she told the council. "I think that I do an excellent job, and I don't understand why this has happened."

The council voted 9-3 in favor of terminating Roadarmel's employment.

Roadarmel was suspended without pay for 30 days in 2005 after she was charged with not following a supervisor's orders to stop a heated public conversation with another officer during the 2004 Roots and Heritage Festival.