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Program to tackle obesity stops at school

Kids at Lexington's Northern Elementary School got to kick up their heels for fun, health and fitness on Friday.

Each grade spent an hour in the school gym, jumping rope, learning yoga, competing in three-legged races or getting other forms of exercise. In between, they sampled healthy, nourishing vegetables, fruit, yogurt and grains.

Each youngster visited eight exercise stations, and tested foods at two other stations, comparing which dishes they liked best.

The all-day "Fuel Up to Play 60 Challenge" was sponsored by the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association and Kentucky Action for Healthy Kids as a way of getting students to exercise more and eat wisely to avoid becoming overweight. Northern is one of four Kentucky elementary schools holding challenge events this year.

The overall program was created by the National Dairy Council and the National Football League, with the goal of having kids "fuel up" on healthy foods and get 60 minutes of exercise every day.