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1 hurt in Lexington apartment fire

One person was burned while trying to extinguish a fire at a Lexington apartment complex off Richmond Road.

Lexington fire Battalion Chief Harold Hoskins said the injuries were not serious. He said fire officials treated that person at the scene.

Hoskins said the fire at Raintree Apartments, 175 North Locust Hill, was caused by a plumber who was using an open flame while "sweating," or soldering, pipes. Hoskins said the flame sparked some insulation and wood in the wall and started to travel.

Firefighters were sent to the scene about 11:44 a.m. In an effort to control the blaze, crews opened the floor, walls and ceilings in four apartments. Hoskins said firefighters "had a little fire on two floors," but got to it before it became "an attic burner, as many of those do."