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Police investigate Wayne County shooting

A man was taken to the hospital after being shot Monday in the parking lot outside the houseboat business where he works in Wayne County.

It happened outside Lakeview Yachts near Monticello.

The man, who has was not publicly identified by state police, had been involved in an argument with another man Sunday, Trooper Don Trosper said. Trosper said one of the men is dating the other man's sister.

When the victim came out to the parking lot to go to lunch at about 11 a.m., the other man was in the parking lot. Trosper said they argued again, and the victim, 30, was shot in the leg.

He was taken to Wayne County Hospital and was in good condition at last check, Trosper said.

He said late Monday afternoon that state police know who the other man is and are looking for him. Charges were pending against that man, whose name also had not been released.