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Newberry and In2Lex will chat live Wednesday

Mayor Jim Newberry and organizers of In2Lex will chat live at 5 p.m. Wednesday about the 30 events happening in April that are designed to show off Lexington as an attractive place for high-tech professionals to live and work.

Ben Askren, a LexMark engineer, said the goal of In2Lex is to promote Lexington as "career, education and lifestyle destination for creative and technical business professionals."

Events include conferences, seminars, contests, music and parties. Newberry said In2Lex is about supporting area high-tech companies in ways that will create more high-paying jobs and encourage other companies to locate here.

Lexington is getting attention in the high-tech world, the mayor said in a statement, and the concentration of a month-long calendar of events targeted to young professionals "will raise our visibility even more."

To join in the discussion or learn about happenings including TEDx, or Buildycrunken or 5 Across, go to The live chat will last an hour.