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Lex-Care: Woman was left holding the bills

Requests for help to pay utility bills and a rental deposit were received at Lex-Care this week:

Jill Mayhew, a Woodford County Schools social worker, is counseling a married woman who needs $750 to pay utility bills. The household was made up of her husband, who has left (a divorce is pending), her teenage son and her sister-in-law, who had been sharing expenses but moved out. When her sister-in-law left she had not paid her share of the utility bills. Both services have issued cut-off dates.

The mother works a full-time and a part-time job. Once the past due bills are paid, her earning will be sufficient to cover the expenses of the present household.

Barbara Basham, a case manager at Anderson County School's Early Childhood Center, is working with a single woman who needs $450 for a rental deposit.

Basham has worked with this woman since she came to her to obtain basic needs for two young boys she was caring for. She previously lived with the mother of the boys. She received no money because the room and board she received was considered payment for caring for the boys. The mother moved but did not invite the live-in caregiver to come.

She applied for government-subsidized housing, and with help from her church she was able to move into a duplex. She earned a very small amount of income by providing care for the boys until they grew old enough to move permanently with their mother. She is now caring for two girls, ages 3 and 4. She has been approved for Section 8 housing benefits but needs $450 to pay the deposit to make the move.

Once the deposit is paid and the move is complete, the woman intends to become independent by expanding her child care services.

How you can help: Send tax-deductible contributions to Lex-Care Inc. Emergency Fund, P.O. Box 1328, Lexington, Ky., 40508. Contact Lex-Care at (859) 233-7779.