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Police investigate shots fired at Centre Parkway

Lexington police were using a dog to find a man who fired shots at other people, narrowly missing one of them, outside an apartment complex on Centre Parkway on Monday night.

At least two people reported that they had been talking with a man in the breezeway outside the complex at 1101 Centre Parkway when the conversation escalated into an argument and the man pulled out a gun and started shooting at them, said police Lt. Edward Hart.

Two shots were fired in the breezeway. As one of the victims fled up a flight of stairs into the apartment building, the man with the gun fired from outside through a second-story window. That shot hit the wall inches from where the fleeing man was running, Hart said.

Police were called at 10:30 p.m. and were trying to determine what the disagreement was about.

Hart said the shooter will likely be identified, since several witnesses were in the area and heard the argument. He could face charges of wanton endangerment and robbery, since at least one person said he took money from them.

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