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Versailles mayor honors men who found fugitive

VERSAILLES — They didn't receive a reward for spotting an escaped federal inmate last week, but Phillip Bryant and Alfred Marmolejo did get a public "thank you" Tuesday from the city.

Mayor Fred Siegelman honored Bryant, 36, and his brother-in-law Marmolejo, 38, before the regular meeting of the Versailles City Council.

Both men got plaques with keys "in recognition of your valor and heroism in the capture" of federal inmate Derek Capozzi, 37, who escaped Thursday from a van taking him from the Grayson County jail to Lexington's Blue Grass Airport. Capozzi was arrested Saturday after Bryant and Marmolejo found him lying on railroad tracks behind Central Kentucky Stair Co.

"They watched to make sure that he didn't leave that site until officers got there on the scene and apprehended him," Siegelman said. "We are very much grateful. ...We were so fortunate that no one in Versailles and Woodford County was harmed.

"Your bravery and humanitarian acts are forever appreciated by each and every local citizen, as well as every law enforcement agency involved in the manhunt of this fugitive," Siegelman told the two.

"I'm still in shock. It's a good feeling, really," Bryant said afterward. "It's good to be appreciated."

"We didn't get any money, but the people of Versailles have been so appreciative, and that's worth everything," Marmolejo said. That was expressed through handshakes and even applause in some places.

"Children, especially, treat us like heroes. They want to meet us and things like that," Marmolejo said. "We're very appreciative to all the people of Versailles. It's a small town, but it has just as big a heart as any other."

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