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Lexington street named after 'Scoop' Brown

John W. "Scoop" Brown, notable athlete and longtime employee of Lexington's parks and recreation department, was honored on Thursday when the city erected a street sign naming "Scoop Brown Lane" for Brown.

Scoop Brown Lane runs between Georgetown Street and Douglass Park. Brown started programs at Douglass Park for African-American children when the park was still segregated, said Michael Haskins, president of the Georgetown Street Area Neighborhood Association.

Barbara J. Brown, the oldest of Brown's six daughters, said the honor "should have been done years ago, because he worked so hard for all children," she said.

Born in 1922, Brown attended the old Dunbar School in Lexington where he was an outstanding kicker and receiver, as well as a star basketball player, according to Notable Kentucky African-Americans. He got his nickname playing first base on the Lexington Hustlers, a baseball team he organized and coached for nearly 50 years. He was an official of baseball, basketball and football in Kentucky.

In 1994, Browned was inducted into the Dawahares/Kentucky High School Athletics Association Hall of Fame.