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Lexington Division of Fire concerned about mulch, grass fires

The Lexington Division of Fire is asking residents to be careful where they throw cigarette butts after responding to eight mulch and grass fires Friday afternoon.

High winds and dry, hot conditions contributed to the fires, several of which were downtown, the release said.

"Anywhere where people congregate and smoke, that's where we're having problems," Battalion Chief Marshall Griggs said.

The news release warned residents not to throw cigarettes in mulch or grassy areas.

Anyone who finds a fire should call the fire department. If it is a small, smoldering mulch fire, the best way to extinguish it is to wet the area, stir the mulch, and wet the area again, the release said.

The fire department also asked residents to use caution when using grills or smokers outdoors by keeping them away from anything that could burn and having a water source handy.

"We want everyone to use common sense, especially with all the extra company in town," Griggs said.