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Ways to $ave Wednesday -- Re-run, Coupons 101

Since I'm taking a blog break for the rest of 2009, I will be reposting some old Ways to $ave Wednesday posts in December. Enjoy this one from way back in 2008. The follow-up post will come next Wednesday.

Coupons, those pieces of paper some consider to be junk mail or trash, others consider to be gold.


I’m a fan of coupons and I have learned a lot in the past few years about using coupons to your best advantage. However, I am not an expert. I am still learning tricks and ways to get great coupons and I hope to keep learning.


Let’s discuss today how to obtain coupons.


First, the best place to get coupons is from the Sunday newspaper (except on weekends around holidays, coupons do not run then). Larger newspapers, such as the Herald-Leader, often have a larger amount and a wider variety of coupons. If I am out of town and in a large city on a Sunday I will always grab the newspaper to check out the coupons in that newspaper. Sometimes the value amounts are larger in bigger cities.


Second, talk to your friends and family. Everyone I work with knows that I am a coupon fanatic. Mostly because I don’t keep my mouth shut about my deals. Due to this I trade coupons with co-workers. For example, I need baby product coupons, but not dog or cat food coupons so I trade these with a co-worker. My in-laws also collect coupons for me. If they get the paper they will give me all the coupons from it and any that come in the mail. My mom also mails me coupons she is not going to use. 


Third, clip every coupon. Now, some “couponers” may disagree with this thought, but I clip every coupon. Ok, well maybe not the Poise pads ones, I don’t need those yet. I am not brand loyal to anything so if there is a great deal on Cottonelle toilet paper and I have my coupons I am going to stock up. If I didn’t clip that coupon because I only use Angel Soft toilet paper then I wouldn’t have been able to get such as great deal. Plus, just from clipping every coupon I have been able to get name brand items for much less than store brands. Items I was never getting before. Also, when I clip each coupon I am able to trade coupons I know I won’t use for coupons I need.


Fourth, surf the internet. There are thousands of forums and blogs devoted to coupons. I joined a forum 2 ½ years ago when I was in the beginning stages of serious couponing. I venture to say I have saved thousands of dollars from the tips I have learned from these deals sites. My favorites are and . On Vicky’s Deals, I have joined a coupon train which I receive once to twice a month that has 100s of coupons other people did not want. I take out what I want add some mroe and then mail it out to the next person. I also am a part of the Children’s Circle train which I weekly receive an envelope full of children’s products. There are lots of other great deals websites as well, such as , ,, and


Fifth, you can print coupons right off the internet! This, my friends, it the best thing I learned. If you need to purchase some Juicy Juice and you don’t have a coupon, check out this site here (click on the word here). Other great coupon websites are:,,



Now that we have all these coupons what are we going to do with them? Well, join us next week when I will be discussing using your coupons and how.