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Run/Walk Club to Begin

Run/Walk Club to Begin

Getting fit is not just a fad for a local group in Versailles, it's a way of life, and they want the whole county to get involved!  The Versailles-Woodford County Parks and Recreation Department, along with a group of passionate members of the community, has formed a running/walking club called the Thoroughbred Striders.  The club will host its first activity and informational meeting from 2 to 3 p.m. Sunday, January 10 at the Falling Springs Arts and Recreation Center, Beasley Drive.  The meeting will include a short group run and walk followed by snacks and a brief meeting to gauge interest and determine the date and time for the group’s next activity. 


 "Our goal is to get as many people in our community moving, regardless of their fitness level, experience or weight.  There will be a place for everyone!  We envision group runs and walks as well as family walks or runs so that moms, dads, kids, grandkids and grandparents can get healthy together,” says Parks and Recreation Assistant Director Rainey Johns.  “Research has shown that if you have someone to exercise with, you are more likely to continue to do it.  By connecting people through a healthy social activity such as running or walking, we believe we can build a healthier, happier community.”


 Jim Jarman, Woodford County Middle School track coach echos that sentiment.  "At our initial track meeting with the kids, and when I meet with their parents, I always tell them it's my goal to get their kids up and moving, but I also often ask the kids to challenge their parents to get up and be more active too.  The club will bring together all levels of the community, from the novice who has yet to take that first step to the elite who has logged thousands of miles.  This group is a way to bring together people with the common interest of getting fit and healthy.”


Johns had been kicking around the idea of starting a run/walk club for more than a year.  Over the summer several members of the community mentioned interest in the same concept.  As a result, a small group of running and fitness enthusiasts met with Johns to brainstorm in November.  As a result, the Thoroughbred Striders were born. 


The Thoroughbred Striders encourage everyone in the community, including walkers, joggers, runners and those who aren’t exactly sure what they are, to come out and join them January 10 for the first steps on the road to physical fitness.  Call (859) 873-5948 or email


Midway Decorating Winners Chosen

The Midway Woman’s Club has chosen the 2009 winners of the Fifth Annual Holiday Decorating Contest.  Judges were Mary Sayre, Debra Shockley, and Sheila Redmond.  Winners are Thoroughbred Theater, Best Business Decorations; 104 Coach Station, Most Animated Lights; 331 S. Winter Street, Best Front Door; 405 Merrywood, Best Wreath; 335 Second Street, Most Creative Lights; 112 Cottage Garden, Most Whimsical Lights; 332 S. Winter Street, Best Daytime Display; 222 East Cross Street, Best Indoor Tree; 320 South Winter Street, Best Christmas Spirit;  225 South Winter Street, Best Traditional Decorations; 107 Ann Street, Best Overall Design; 115 Coach Station, Best Outdoor Tree; 222 East Stephens Street, Most Fun; 225 East Higgins Street, Best Decorated Backyard; 105 South Winter Street, Best Display We Never Got Fully Lit Because We Live In A Really Old House With Really Old Wiring.