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Rerun -- In Which I lose the "Mother of the Year" nomination

I will be posting new blogs again next week, but until then, here is a rerun, a blog I wrote in July 2009.

Once again, any hopes I had for "Mother of the Year" have fallen by the wayside. Ok, really, any hopes I have to ever win a "Mother of the Day" award are few and far between. And really, they should give such an award. At times, outside recognition of our motherhood greatness is all that carries you through on those difficult days, weeks, months and years.

But, my hopes for such recognition failed this past week. (I promise I am not trying to get you all to comment and tell me how great of a mother I am. I'm just letting you know, I'm not perfect despite my attempts to be.)

My dear Hoss developed a lovely cold last weekend that lead to a very nice ear infection (this would be ear infection #14 if you are keeping track). The reason Hoss got a cold is because I forgot to give him his Claritin for two days when we went out of town the weekend prior. As soon as I realized that I forgot to do so I knew a cold was coming. Hoss' body has a requirement for a daily dose of allergy medication or else all infection breaks loose. So, due to my inability to remember a daily medication (which I have been giving to him every morning for nearly 2 years) my wonderful child developed possibly the grosiest ear infection of all time. At least the stuff that exited his ear was gross. So, $110 and three medications later, we are on our way to healing.

Obviously you can't buy the "Mother of the Year" award in medical co-pays because if you can, I'm fairly sure I'd be in the running.

I completely failed the "Mother of the Year" challenge a couple days later when I sent Hoss to school for "water day" without any form of sunscreen. Luckily, the teachers at Hoss' school are competing for "Teacher of the Year" and noticed the pale, white skin of my fair red-headed baby and saved the day. No sunburn and still pale white skin.

I can continue to tell you all about a million other failures in my attempts to be a mother this week, like watching my son fall on the brick fireplace twice (and treating the scrapes that followed). Or fussing at him in the morning when we were running behind. Maybe even the morning I fed him fruit snacks for breakfast. Really, I would just bring shame to the "Mother of the Year" crown.

Thankfully, Hoss doesn't know the difference. He still runs to me when he falls on the fireplace and lets me love him and kiss him and tell him it will be okay. He has no idea Mommy forgot the sunscreen. Hopefully he won't remember Mommy being upset in the morning as we rushed out the door, but will instead remember drawing with Mommy on the sidewalk with chalk later that evening.

This "Mother of the Year" competition is fierce. And the most difficult challenge in my life. But I will continue to try to win that crown, day by day.