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Ways to $ave Wednesday -- 2009 resolutions

I had some specific money saving resolutions I set for 2009. I was not that successful with these. Let's revisit these resolutions and I will be back next week to discuss my resolutions for 2010.

Since today is December 31st and we are starting a new year tomorrow, I thought it would only be appropriate if I discussed my money saving goals for 2009. Plus, I hope if I put this out there for everyone to see maybe I’ll actually accomplish a couple goals!

1. Replenish my stockpile. My CVS trips have slowed down lately and my cabinets are starting to look bare. I actually let my ECBs EXPIRE! It was a tragedy! A horrible, horrible tragedy! I need to get motivated and return to my passion!

2. Start Walgreens shopping. I have never done much shopping at Walgreens, but now that you can do your refunds online, I am tempted! Any tips for a newbie?

3. Cut my grocery spending back to $75 every two weeks. With the recent increases in food prices I have not been able to stick to our budget and my coupon use is slacking. Plus, I’ve been splurging lately. A big no-no!

4. Pay off at least 3 credit card bills. Unfortunately I’m one of THOSE people with lots of credit. I’ve wanted to stop and I have been limiting our credit card usage. Now we just need to pay off the bills.

5. Start putting at least $50 monthly in my saving’s account. I know it sounds small and I may increase this if possible, but it’s a start. My poor (literally!) account is currently at 17 cents. That isn’t going to buy anything in this day and time.

6. Finally, I will organize my shopping lists and coupons each Sunday afternoon during the kiddo’s nap time, as long as I'm not taking a nap. More specifically, I need to make sure I take the time to organize my coupons, plan my menus and shopping trips and then do it!

Happy New Year!