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Ways to $ave Wednesday -- 2010 Financial Resolutions

While my 2009 resolution to lose weight was successful, my 2009 financial resolutions were not. I did pay off one credit card and have one that will be finished in March or April. Another has been half way paid off, but we are a far cry away from having all of our credit card bills gone. And let’s just say my savings account is as empty as my stockpile shelves, which is very, very empty! That being said, my 2010 financial resolutions may appear to be repeats of last year’s.


  1. Read the Dave Ramsey book I got for Christmas and begin to snowball my credit card payments with a goal to pay off at least 3, possibly 4 credit cards completely.
  2. Continue to try to build up my savings account. I will continue to put $50 a month in my savings account, but this year I am going to work on leaving it in the account! That’s a small detail I failed miserably on last year.
  3.  Cut the grocery budget back to $150 a month. We have dramatically cut out our eating out in the past year and this has reflected in our grocery budget as we are purchasing more food to eat at home. Due to this our budget has increased and this is hurting the savings account mentioned above. I want to reduce our budget back to $150 a month, but likely will have to compromise at $200 a month. Either will be a reduction of our current grocery spending. I will be posting my tips on this again in the next two weeks of Ways to $ave Wednesday. I need the refresher and hopefully this may help some of you who are also looking to reduce your grocery budget in 2010.
  4. Shop weekly and CVS and Walgreens. I never did begin to shop at Walgreens like I mentioned in last year’s resolutions. I have already worked to accomplish this resolution as I cashed in some mypoints to get a Walgreens gift card. I hope this will help in my pursuit to develop a new savings addiction. I have still be CVSing, but not nearly as much as I was in 2008. My stockpiles can no longer hold such a name as they now consist of only a few razors, some bottles of shampoo and toothpaste.
  5. Keep track of my savings. I have always wanted to see how much I am actually saving from month to month with my coupons and “deals.” I am going to start tallying this after purchases and hope to reach at least $1000 in savings this year.
  Do you have any financial resolutions this year?