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2010 Resolutions

I am a goal setter. If I don't have a specific goal in mind I likely will never succeed. And often, even if I have a goal, I still won't succeed, but it's nice to at least plan for success anyway. Thus, every new year is a perfect time for me to focus on new goals and make plans to achieve those goals. 2010 is no different. Here are some goals I have set for myself this year.


  • Read through the entire Bible – Even though I attended a Christian college and have attended church my entire life, I have never fully read through the entire Bible. However, this year that will change! I have found a few different websites (thanks to my friend, Google) that give suggestions for what to read each day on a month by month basis. I like the plans that allow you to jump around from Old to New Testament . I mean, there is only so much “Jeroboam is the son of….” that a person can read in a month!
  • Weight loss goals: Well, we all know I am on a journey toward losing weight . 2009 was very successful for me, but I still have some goals I need to get serious about.
    • Lose the remaining 65+ pounds to reach my “perty by thirty” goal, on July 9, 2010. This may be the most difficult challenge. I have been struggling lately with losing. Over a period of 8 weeks I only lost 2.4 pounds. That has got to quadruple (and more!) if I want to reach my goal by my 30th birthday.
    • Exercise. I walked with co-workers during the summer months and I really enjoyed this. The cold weather and some changes at work have brought this to a halt. I can’t bring myself to commit to a gym membership, mostly because of my financial resolutions (I will post about these on Wednesday), but that may end up being the only choice I have.
    • Run a 5K. Seriously, I really want to do this. I think I will begin the Couch to 5K challenge on March 1st and hope to be able to run in a 5K by June or July. I am going to start practicing by walking in a few earlier in the year. Maybe this one or this one . I hope to run my first race at the Mid Summer Nights Run in August.
  • Organize my home. This is specifically pertaining to my bedroom. My husband can’t stand clutter so he tends to stack items up and shove them in little nooks and crannies around the house.  I hate this because if it is not in plain sight I forget all about it and nooks and crannies are not the places for bracelets, bills and random socks without a match. Due to this, when I find these items “hidden” around my house I take them to our bedroom and drop them in a pile. My pile has grown and grown and recently I have been guilty of shoving the items into a closet in my bedroom. That closet and the bedroom need organization ASAP!
  • Be more domestic. This goal is going to difficult for me to accomplish, but I really want to try. As a full-time working outside the home mom and wife, I have little time to bake, cook from scratch, and develop my domestic skills. I have a desire to do these things, but have not found the time recently. With my weight loss goals, I find baking to be difficult at times because the ingredients really don't fit into my Weight Watchers Points system. Those chocolate chip cookies with 2 sticks of butter sure do taste good, but they really don't help the waist line. However, I want to try to find some good recipes that rely on cooking from scratch. I also want to try "cook ahead" meals. This is when you bake/cook all day (or two) and freeze the items you made so you have easier meals during the month. I am hoping to strategize and have my first attempt at freezer meals in February. I will be sure to keep you all updated on this, if I ever accomplish the goal.
  • And boy, the finances. I have numerous goals in the financial department this year, but I did last year as well and those were not very successful. I’ll break these down on Wednesday and discuss those goals then at the first Ways to $ave Wednesday post of 2010!
Do you have resolutions for 2010? What dreams do you hope to accomplish this year?