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The sound of summer saying "so long"

I woke up Sunday morning to a sound I had not heard since late this spring: the honking of geese as they flew overheard.

When I was working, I took my dog out daily for an early-morning walk before I headed to the office, and we would often see the geese flying past, starting their day, too. They were pretty loud, honking at each other as they went searching for a place to spend the day. I imagined they were making suggestions to one another about where to go: “Hey, how about the pond over there? What about the other one that’s a little further north?” The geese weren’t around much in the summer – at least, I didn’t hear them until Sunday. And that let me know that autumn was coming. It meant summer was leaving – sooner than I wanted.


Kentucky weather is so funny. With autumn and winter, when the calendar turns, the weather does, too – immediately. The calendar says September, which means autumn, and all at once it is autumn or winter. Strange how it doesn’t work the same with spring and summer. Remember how long we waited for the weather to warm up this spring? And whoever heard of a July where the temperature didn’t hit or break 90 degrees? That’s Kentucky for you.

  I do like autumn in Kentucky, the way the leaves turn and the nights become close and cozy. And I like to hear the geese singing as they wing their way overhead. But I’m not yet ready to let summer go.