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38 years of "come on down!"

I just love The Price is Right. Today was the start of the game show’s 38th season. Whenever the show comes on, I start grinning because it’s such a feel-good program. And the set, which has been newly updated, is so colorful and pretty you can’t help but smile when you see it.

Dan’s ambition is to be on TPIR. He says it’s a societal program – a microcosm of the way the world should be. Everyone in the audience is excited for everyone else when they hear their name called and the summons from Rich Fields to “come on down!” Everyone wants everyone else to win. There are no hard feelings – well, except for maybe when someone bids $1 more than someone else. Everyone has a great time and everyone gets to dream a little together about winning a fabulous prize.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure about the choice of Drew Carey as a replacement for the iconic Bob Barker. I thought he would be too sarcastic. I thought John Hurley, who played J. Peterson on Seinfeld, would be a better choice. (He is now host of Family Feud.) But Drew is doing a good job. I think he tweaks Rich Fields a little too much, but he has a good rapport with the contestants and he seems to be having fun. He is a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity and so is Dan, so when Dan gets on the show they can do the Delt dance or trade the secret Delt handshake.

We are already practicing for his appearance. He has an app on his iPhone that has some of the games, including Cliff Hanger, also known as “the yodely guy.” When we watch the show together we play along and we do pretty well. I can already see Dan leaping 12 feet into the air when his name is called. I can see him bouncing down the aisle high-fiving everyone. If he wins the showcase, I will get to meet Drew (and tell him my dog is not neutered).

Here’s to 38 more years of The Price is Right!