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Lesson learned the hard way

A little over a week ago my car was broke into. Maybe "broke into" isn't the correct term as I am fairly certain I left my car unlocked, which is something I never do. I assume that since my husband's car, parked right next to mine and with far fewer dents and scrapes and a couple years newer, was not entered. It was a Friday morning and when I went out to put my crying child (refusal to sleep the night before makes a very, very difficult morning) in the car that morning before dawn to head to school, I noticed there were CDs strewn about my front seat. For half a second I thought they had fallen there. Then I noticed the glove box that was open and I instantly knew someone had been in my car.

I ran inside to get my husband. I looked around the car and saw no damage and even had the wherewithall to check the trunk, obviously the thief did not have such common sense or got scared because nothing in the trunk was touched. I initially didn't think anything was taken from my car. All the CDs in my car were of the type, "Veggie Tales sing the 70s" or "The Wheels on the Bus," neither of which get much money on the black market, I assume. It wasn't until I was driving my kiddo to school a few minutes later that I tought to check the compartment in the console between the front seats. That is when I noticed a zippered black CD case was gone.

It was a CD case I hadn't touched in over a year and held only 20 to 25 CDs, all of which were of the Christian/Praise and Worship genre. I didn't get mad or angry, after all, it was obvious the thief needed those more that I do, but I definitely had an emotion that left me concerned. I felt violated. Someone had been in my car who should not have been. They had rifled through


personal belongings. They saw my name on a name tag they did not take. All while doing so only 10 feet from my front door.

Of course, I have learned my lesson. I will always lock my car doors, no matter what, even if I have to hit the button four times to make sure it's locked. Not only that, but I will be a little more aware of the world around me. While, I never wanted this to happen, I am a little thankful it did. It woke me up and brought me to reality. I often live in my own world, pretending bad things don't happen, but things like this, unfortunately remind me they do. And they can happen to anyone. I'm sure I'll sleep a little less comfortably at night, but I'll be sure every door and window in my house and car are locked.