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Ways to $ave Wednesday -- Angel Food Ministries Part 2

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Check out Part 1 about Angel Food Ministries here .

I picked up my Angel Food box this past Saturday, even though I had to turn around once due to high flood waters. Despite that obstacle I was determined to get my food, if not to check it out for myself, but to check it out for each of you.

The process was easy. I walked into the location I chose to order from (Crossroads Christian Church), told them my name and they brought me the food I had ordered. I had to take items to carry my food, so I had grabbed a small box and a reusable grocery bag I had at home. These together were able to contain all the items I had ordered.

As you can see above, I received the following in my box (I ordered a signature box):

1.5 pounds Ribeye Steaks (3 x 8oz), 1.81lb. Perdue Tray Pack Split Chicken Breasts, 4lb. Chicken Thighs, 1.5lb. Pork Chops (4 x 6oz), 1lb. 80/20 Lean Ground beef, 1.5lb 10% White Meat Turkey Burgers (4 x 6oz), 12oz. Deli Ham, 1lb. frozen sweet potatoes, 1lb. frozen green beans, 15 oz. Pears, 12 oz. Orange juice concentrate, 3lb bag Fresh Idaho Potatoes, 2lb bag Fresh Onions, 32oz. (1/2 gallon) 2% Shelf Stable Milk, Dozen eggs, Lemon Cake (6 slices).

When I picked up my items, I thought it did not look like much. Then, as I was emptying all the items out at home, I realized I had a lot more than it appeared. I am still not certain the $30 price tag was compatible with what I would spend at the grocery, especially since I received a few items that I probably would not typically use or purchase. For example, I am not one to cook with chicken thighs. I am weird, I know, but my mother-in-law makes great fried chicken that my husband loves so I gave her the chicken thighs. We are not onion fans in my house so I passed those along to a co-worker. And the lemon cake was used as a dessert at a potluck at church on Sunday.

We did have the ribeye steaks for dinner Sunday evening and they were delicious! Pork chops are on the menu for tonight and I used some of the potatoes and green beans for my lunch today. The milk has been drank by the kiddo and some of the eggs were used for our breakfast for supper last night.

I do think this Angel Food purchase will help my grocery budget for the next two weeks. I have several meals planned using the food I received and will have a lot less meat to purchase. I will probably order again, but will ensure I do so only when there are several items I can use.

If you are interested in ordering, you can check out the October menu


. These orders are due next week, so don't wait to order if you are interested.