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The Blanket

It was a baby shower gift we received before Hoss was born from a former co-worker of my mother's. It was a handmade cotton blanket, blue and white in color with various different children's patterns on the front. Cars, Batman, and dinosaurs, for example.

The blanket immediately had a purpose. Once Hoss was born the blanket turned into a floor covering for Hoss to lay upon and play. He eventually began to sit up, but he continued to prefer to sit and play on the blanket until he realized he could move.

The blanket was out of commission for a few months. I am not sure where it went during that time frame, but eventually it began a new job. The job in which it was intended to serve, a blanket.

Hoss began to use the blue and white blanket when sleeping. It generally was not used to stay warm, but was held up to his cheek under one arm as he slept. It was not immediately a requirement for sleeping; however, over the past couple years the blanket has turned into a necessity.

Hoss immediately asks for his "bwhoo bwhanket" when he is ready to lay down for bedtime. The blanket is often not in his bedroom as it is dragged all through the house during the day. Often a search begins to find the blanket. If I thought ahead I will make sure the blanket is on his bed, ready to be cuddled.

Despite the torn fabric and faded colors, Hoss' love for his blanket is continuing to grow. Every morning for over a week the blanket has been carried down the steps in the morning and out the front door to the car. While he willingly leaves the blanket in the car when he goes into pre-school, he quickly grabs the blanket when he gets back in the car at the end of the day. I have found myself calling Hoss, Linus, as he carries his blanket over one shoulder, dragging the ground.

When I opened the gift over four years ago I never imagined the blanket would become Hoss' favorite snugglie; however, I am glad it has.