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The Wardrobe Debate

I have discovered that once your male child moves from toddler size clothing to "big boy" clothes, the choices are limited. At least the ones I approve of.

This became obvious to me the other day when I was wandering through a mega-store. Most of the graphic shirts I noticed had statements which I do not want my four year old to wear, let alone my 8 year old or my 11 year old or my child of any age, as long as they live under my roof. Yes, I said it. I can't believe it either.

I don't want my child to wear clothing that promotes being self-centered with statements like, "It's all about me!" I don't want my child to wear clothing that is just plain rude with statements like, "What are you looking at?" And I definitely don't want my child wearing clothing with words like "stupid" or "sucks."

However, these shirts must be selling or else manufacturers wouldn't be making them and filling up the racks in several stores. What frustrates me the most are the gigantic faces of children's favorite cartoon characters with rude, self-centered, or inappropriate statements. Of course the kids want the shirts, they love that annoying little cartoon guy. Try explaining to a child who can't read why we are not going to buy the shirt he desperately wants with the gigantic cartoon face because it says something that is rude. Try explaining "rude" to a four year old. Seriously, try it. If you figure out how to do it let me know.

And I have noticed this inappropriateness doesn't stop at boys' clothing. Girls clothing is promoting the same type of negative statements like "Boys Suck, Throw Rocks at Them."

The main question I have is "Why?"

Why does our society want our kids to promote rudeness? Do the majority of people really think it's "cute?"  Should I be making this such a big deal? Am I the only one who thinks these are just plain wrong?

Trust me, my child has plenty of clothing to wear with pictures of his favorite super heroes or sports teams. And I'm happy to find shirts that are fun that meet both my standards and the kiddo's; however, those few that don't meet those standards still bother me.