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I need you Naptime

For the past few months my child has decided that sleep is optional. However, his behaviors tells us it most certainly is NOT optional. The whining, screaming and gnashing of teeth are enough to make me run from my house screaming. But I don't do that (usually). Instead I bribe, beg, discuss the pros of sleeping, and then cry. Or, if I don't cry, I lose my patience.

That's when it gets scary.

Specifically we are struggling with nap time. This past Saturday my husband and I tag teamed nap time and after three hours we gave up. Three hours is not an exaggeration, that is literally how much time we used up attempting to get our child to simply take a nap. All he had to do was close his eyes for a few minutes.

He never did it. However, he randomly fell asleep on the couch Sunday afternoon, but that was after he was up and down most of the night before refusing to sleep.

It is very clear Hoss is tired and needs to nap as his mood demonstrates, but it appears the more tired he is the less likely he is to take a nap.

I'm not certain where to go from here, but I do know that this phase of being in between needing a nap and wanting to nap is one I hope ends soon.