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Dan the Man with a Plan

In anticipation of finishing his associate degree next month, Dan went to the BCTCS transfer center today and got the wheels going to transfer to UK next year to work on his bachelor’s degree.

“I want to get this over,” he told me later. “I finally feel I can get it done. I finally feel like I can do it.”

Dan might have been one of those people who truly needed to go off and “find himself” before he went to college so he would have had a better chance of doing well. As it was, he had to sit out a semester his freshman year because of his grades and then he had to go to the community college instead of the university. The problem was he had too damn much fun that first semester. I could have told him it wasn’t a good idea to join a fraternity his freshman year of college – in fact, I did tell him that. But he didn’t listen. I could have told him it was entirely possible to go to school, do your assignments and write your papers, hold a part-time job and have fun, too. In fact, I did tell him that. But again, he didn’t listen. I suppose Dan is one of those people who have to find things out the hard way. And I had to stand back and let it happen.

But he has learned and he has grown and he has matured. He’s gotten better grades recently while working and going to school than he did when he didn’t work. He had to find all this out on his own. I understood that. Like any mom, I wanted to spare him the hard knocks and suffering, but I also know there are some things some people just need to find out for themselves.

I asked him what he planned to major in. “I’m thinking I would like to be a teacher,” he said. “A professor. A philosophy professor. I can see myself teaching college freshman about choices and asking them deep questions and helping them make good life decisions.”

I know he knows that whatever he does, I’m behind him 100 percent. I’m thrilled to see everything working out for him – there was a time when I didn’t think it would. Like the character on “The A-Team” used to say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” You go, Mr. T – you Dat Man!