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Ever since I began writing this BLOG, I have been delving deeper into the various forms of communication.   Look what I have uncovered!  A unique way to connect to friends and family -- it's called FACEBOOK!

Of course, I know Facebook has been around for a while; however, I have never invested any time into it.  I have received emails informing me that I have been "added" by others as friends who have urged me to be a part of this community, but I have never really had the time to "get involved." -- My schedule, like yours is packed -- no room at the inn for such trivial modes of operation.

However, ever since writing this BLOG, I have gotten myself more "intrigued" by the various forms of reaching out to others and in using these means as a great tool for evangelization.  SO, out of the blue, I began to create my profile page, add pictures and reach out to friends.  I have even made a link to my BLOG and created a "group" for this!  WOO HOO.  I am rocking!  I have reconnected with friends from my childhood and even with those classmates who never even once talked to me in High School, we are communicating as if we were best buds.

But truth be told, I am only using a very small fraction of the capabilities that Facebook offers.  There are many things that Facebook can do and many "tools" that it offers; however, in order to learn these, I am either going to have to take time to explore and use a "wondering" mind or I am going to have to allow others to show me..  Either way, it is going to take an investment of time, energy and commitment on my part.

Another book that has been out there for a while is the Good Book, i.e. the BIBLE.  Recently my six year old niece asked my brother what that "big book" on the coffee table was doing there.  My brother replied:  "That's God's Book, the good book!"  My niece responded:  "Well, if that God's book, you better return it to Him, because nobody reads it here!"

The Bible, just like Facebook, connects us with our friends and family, some of whom have been around a lot longer than we could ever imagine -- and some of whom we need to reach out to, reconnect with and truly allow them to become our "friends."  These friends have so much to teach us about our FAITH and our GOD -- from correcting crooked ways to understanding the Will of God.  There are even people whose perseverance and faith allowed them to be restored to full health and were healed.  These people, these friends are individuals just like you and me and realized their place: They weren't the MESSAGE, just the messengers!

In order for me to really understand this Good Book, I am going to have to make time to read and research; allowing all that it teaches and shares to develop deep with in me.  I probably haven't even touched the surface with the many tools that this Good Book can offer and provide to me.    I also realize and have learned that there are many tools out there that can assist me and you in understanding the Bible -- but the best tools that will get us started lie deep with us and those are the tools of investment of time, energy and commitment on my part.

It seemed that I didn't have any time in my day and that work seemed to consume me -- however, when I became excited about FACEBOOK, I realized that with those things that are important to me -- I NEED TO MAKE TIME.  Trust me when I say that Prayer, Reading of Scritpure and doing random acts of MERCY are much more important than any of the other tasks I do each day.

Today, as you read this BLOG, ask yourself these questions: When was the last time that you opened the GOOD BOOK?  Do you even have a copy of the Bible?  Does the time you spend on the INTERNET equal or supersede your time spent IN PRAYER? And how much of that prayer includes the reading of the GOOD BOOK, i.e. the BIBLE?

I have just been confirmed a Friend of Isaiah, Paul, and even JOB!! -- I think I will invest some time in getting to know them and in learning from them!  Hey, what's this TWITTER stuff about anyway?