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Sometimes it can be disappointing, but there's no room for quiting

As some of you who have been following my blog for awhile may know, I am currently in a life changing experience in my life as I am venturing to lose a significant amount of weight before my 30th birthday next July. In total I am hoping to lose 165 pounds, more than what I will weigh at the end. I'm doing all this through Weight Watchers, which I highly recommend. WW has taught me how to incorporate healty eating and living into my day to day life. It's a life style change that I'm committed to live.

I have been doing well with my progress. I began in January and as of last week's weigh in I have lost a total 94.8 pounds. Last week I lost 1.2 pounds. While, this may be an accomplishment for some, it was disappointing to me. I had worked very hard that week to try to lose a "big" number (big to me at this point is over 2 pounds), but that never happened. I was extremely disappointed because I was failing my own personal goal.

When I began in January I thought it would be great if I lost 100 pounds by Christmas. When the weight began to drop faster than I expected I moved my 100 pound goal to Thanksgiving. As Thanksgiving is sneaking up on me, the realization that I am not going to be able to reach that goal is extremely disappointing.

Last week I was very disappointed with my less than stellar weight loss and instead of being motivated to persevere I threw my hands up in the air and ate. A lot. Food was all around me and I had no control. No desire to stop eating. I just kept eating and eating and eating.

It was the Halloween candy someone at work brought in to the office. Then it was the birthday celebrations for co-workers and the homemade, fabulous cupcakes that came with those celebrations. Then it was the pizza my husband brought home. Then it was the great food at a lunch potluck I attended.

Needless to say I expect absolutely no weight loss at tonight's weigh-in. More than likely there will be a large gain. However, I'm ready to start over. I'm ready to work hard, dig down deep and find my motivation again.

After all, I know I can hit 100 by Christmas!