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Ways to $ave Wednesday Week 2 Frugal, Homemade Christmas

I find it a bit humorous that I have chose to do this series. Not becuase it is about being frugal, after all I strive to do so, but because it is about homemade items. Let's just say I desire to be crafty and domestic, but it's not my specialty. However, I am always looking for ideas and things to do to step up my skills while saving money.

This week I'd like to focus on ideas of making items (other than food) to give as gifts.

I like to give gifts that are useful and creative. I think putting together baskets of similar items are great gifts. For example, you could put together baskets of homemade laundry detergent (check that out here), homemade soap, homemade bath salts or homemade body scrubs (check those out here).

Or if you have a talent or know-how to crochet, sew, or cross-stitch, making gifts can be fabulous frugal gifts. And often deeply cherished by friends and family. I don't have much of a talent (or patience) to sew, crochet or cross-stitch; however, I have found a few great gifts that don't require any sewing. A few years ago I was notorious among my family to make fleece tied blankets. You can check out the tutorial on how to do that here.

Homemade jewelry can be a great hit as well. Get some tips on how to make jewelry yourself here.

And if you are more like I am and like to purchase homemade items and pass them off as if you made them yourself, be sure to check out Etsy for several great homemade items. If you are more crafty than I, please leave links in the comment section to other great homemade items.