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Ways to $ave Wednesday -- Week 3 Frugal, Homemade Christmas

* I updated the links, these were not showing up previously. Sorry for the technical issue! This is what happens when a completely non-technical person tries to fancy things up. Don't won't happen again!

Alright, I probably should get rid of the "homemade" part of the title of this series. As I mentioned last week, I'm not a big crafter or maker of homemade items, so I don't have much experience in that. What I do know is how to find great deals for things online. I especially love free items! I mean, really, who doesn't? 

Well, I love to make photo gifts for Christmas. For the past 3 years I have made photo books for the grandparents of Hoss. And with a small budget for Christmas, when I found a few free codes I definitely had to get some developed. 

I was able to get free codes for photo books to Shutterfly (one of my favorite photo sites) from the Pampers points system. On each package of Pampers diapers and wipes are codes and these can be entered at the Pampers Gifts to Grow website. My child is finally potty trained, but I had some codes remaining and was able to cash these in for photo book, photo calendars, and photo card codes. I was also emailed a free code when I signed up for a Shutterfly houseparty, but was not chosen. How's that for a consolation prize?

However, these tips may not help everyone, so here are some free codes for photo items available right now at several different sites.

* Seehere -- You can get 50 FREE Photo Cards from SeeHere + Free Shipping by using coupon code freebies4mom-1109 Also, new members get 100 free photo prints, but these must be ordered separately from your free photo cards. You can get another 50 FREE photo cards by using the code newbaby. I had to download a program to be able to use this website. I have heard that this often does not run when you use Firefox. I used Internet Explorer and it worked fine after downloaded.

* Vistaprint -- Vistaprint has several free items and you don't even need codes for these, they come up automatically. Just click over to Vistaprint to get any of the following for free:

Free 10 Holiday Cards, 50% off the rest

Free 2010 Photo Calendar

Free Photo Flip Book 

I made 2 of the free photo flip books for Hoss and my nephew. The cheapest shipping was 5.82 for one book and it will take 21 days, so plan ahead on these. (Although, I received an email that my orders shipped and will be arriving on the 23rd, 9 days total -- not too bad for an estimated 21 day arrival time).

* Kodak Gallery is offering a $15 Free Gift Certificate -- no strings attached!  As part of their "Million Thanks" campaign, Kodak is giving away $15 Gift Certificates, which are good for anything on their photo site including photo books, mugs, etc. I had a little bit of difficulty with this website as well. It would continually freeze up on me. I think it may be due to so much use right now due to the free $15. You can get one code per email address. My husband and I both signed up for this!

* Also try Picaboo and  Artscow. They typically offer free items for new costumers.

I have found that if you organize the pictures you want to use for the photo gifts and put these in a separate folder on your computer, this will make downloading and arranging the photo gifts a lot faster and easier!

Anyone have any other great photo gift deals they are aware of? Please be sure to share those with us in the comments.