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Where do you get your motivation?

I am often asked about my motivation to lose weight. People want to know where my motivation comes from and most importantly, what they can do to get some motivation. I wish I had a simple answer. Last week I mentioned that one of my motivations was my son. I want to be his mother forever and I want to be the best mother I can be. While this may have been part of the motivation for me to start my weight loss journey, the motivation to continue has come from other areas.

In late May I was struggling with my weight loss. I would lose one week, then gain the next. It was a revolving door and I couldn't keep the weight off. In June, my employer began an incentive program for exercise for 50 days. I, along with several co-workers, signed up and we have been walking and exercising regularly since. Since June 1st, I have lost over 26 pounds. Exercise has not only helped the weight fall off, but has also helped me feel better and is keeping me motivated. I have not gained weight in 11 weeks, and if the scale is nice to me tonight, it will bd 12 weeks.  

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