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The journey of my life

Eight months ago I began a new journey in my life. It was a journey I knew I could handle, but one that is a lifelong commitment. It was a journey with big goals and high expectations. It was a journey I have attempted several times before, but never made it to the end. This time I was certain I was going to make it to the end. And I am still certain. I am nearing the halfway mark of my journey and I'm excited to see what lies ahead.

My journey is like many of yours'. I have failed. I have cried. I have considered quitting. I have laughed. I have celebrated. I have screamed for joy.

This journey is not one I wanted to take, but one I needed to take. It is a journey I am going to begin to share about more often here at Bluegrass Moms and I hope it is one that will inspire others to join me along the way.

Since January I have been on a journey toward weight loss. I have been in an obese weight category for several years. I have attempted weight loss several times in my life, but have never reached my goal. I had all intentions too, but life got in the way. I failed. However, this time has been my most successful journey.

I can't explain why this time my journey has had a more positive outlook. Nor can I explain where my motivation came from. I have known for years that I needed to lose weight, but I just ignored that. I got married, had a baby and lived my life. All while eating Big Macs, pizza, cookies, chips, and loving life.

Except I didn't love life. I was miserable. My stomach ached. I was tired. And I was depressed. I didn't like who I had become and most importantly, I didn't like that I couldn't be the mom I want to be.

After all, I could not ride on a roller coaster. I wouldn't fit. I would never have been able to climb up the huge slide at the bounce house when my child froze at the top (which I did twice a couple weeks ago). I couldn't go horseback riding. Nor could I canoe, my weight alone would cause it to sink.

I knew the reason my child was over 10 pounds at birth was related to my health, even if no one said those words to me. I knew I had not been a good influence to my son as I enjoyed eating 7 cookies at a time or an entire bag of chips. I knew my son may sacrifice doing things I enjoyed as a child because Mommy couldn't do those things too.

I needed to change and when I saw our family picture in December 2008 I knew it was time. I made a commitment to myself and to my family. I am a goal oriented person and if I don't have a goal, I don't have a reason to keep going. So, I set my long-term goal, to lose 150 pounds by July 9, 2010, my 30th birthday. I discussed this here at Bluegrass Moms back in January and I am here today to let you all know that I am still plugging along toward being "perty by thirty." 

I joined

Weight Watchers

in January and have lost 75.2 pounds. It hasn't been easy, nor have I always done well. As you can see on

my personal blog

, I have had horrible weeks of nearly 5 pounds gained and great weeks of nearly 10 pounds lost.

My goal has also changed. In order to become a Lifetime member at Weight Watchers, I am required to meet the healthy requirements for my height. I have a total of 163.8 pounds to lose, more than what I will weigh at the end! Therefore, my 150 pound goal has increased by 13.8 pounds. A bit discouraging at first, but a goal I am certain I can meet.

I am hoping to share more of my weight loss journey as I continue along. I don't want to appear to be bragging (even though I am a little), but I want to encourage anyone who is like me. I'm just a woman who needs to make a change toward the better. And I'm well on my way.