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Ways to $ave Wednesday -- Week 4 Frugal, Homemade Christmas

This will be the final week of the Frugal, Homemade Christmas series. To see the first three posts, click here, here, and here.

One of the best gifts I enjoy getting is a practical gift. I would possibly kiss someone who gave me a laundry basket full of cleaning supplies. I know it seems so simple and maybe not even fun to some, but to me it would be thrilling. Mostly because I enjoy the practicality of the gift.

While others may not appreciate as much as I do, I like to gift such items. I especially like to gift these as I often have a large stockpile of items which I have been able to put together to make gift baskets. I will often use shampoo, body wash, razors and other bath products to make gift baskets. I paid only pennies for these at CVS or Walgreens and now I can use these items for gifts. It's perfect for me.

I like giving frugal gifts and I especially like the thrill of hunting down the deals. That is why I am one of the crazies who brave the Black Friday sales. I'll be out and about at 4a.m. Friday morning hitting the deals with my family. If you would like to do this as well, check out these websites for ad previews of the sales: