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The Story of Four Bodies

  The Story of Four Bodies

Author Unknown

Somebody, Everybody, Anybody and Nobody were neighbors.

Odd people, they were hard to understand.

Some­body lived an ungodly life and Everybody knew it.

For example, Somebody was gos­siping about his friends and Everybody knew that it was wrong.

Anybody might have refused to listen, but Nobody did.

Anybody knew Everybody was talking about Some­body.

All four belonged to the same congre­gation.

Anybody wanted to worship, but did not attend because he was not speak­ing to Somebody.

Nobody was faithful in ser­vice.

Nobody gave.

Nobody sang in worship.

No­body worked in the congrega­tion.

When they needed a Bible teacher, Eve­rybody thought Anybody could do it and Somebody thought Everybody would do it better than he.

Do you know who finally did it?

That's right... Nobody!