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Kentucky Baha'i School coming soon


Since 1979

Sponsored by the National Spiritual Assembly

September 4-7, 2009 (Labor Day Weekend)

Lake Cumberland 4-H Educational Center (formerly Kentucky Leadership Center)

Theme: "The Power of Stories and the Arts on Our Journey to 'A'

Cluster and Beyond"

Kentucky Baha'i School is a loving, family-oriented school held in a

beautiful location in a rural part of the state, with forests and Lake

Cumberland nearby.  The lodge, which will only be hosting our group,

has big porches with rocking chairs and is a great place for relaxing,

visiting, and singing.

Speakers and presenters include:

*  Mr. Steven Fletcher, who will lead two workshops: "Creating Vessels

of Meaning - Storytelling and the Five Year Plan" "A New Race of Men:

Entry by Troops and the Five Year Plan"

*  The Kentuckiana (Louisville area) Cluster Area Teaching Committee,

who will discuss Intensive Program of Growth activities and successes

in their cluster.

Some of our special features at the School:

- Great Children and Youth Classes

- Talent Show

- Coffee House

- Book Store

- Visual Productions

- Morning Yoga

Spread the word, tell your friends and families!

School website: